Foot odor

Get rid of foot odor for ever. The most natural chemotherapy for your feet

Stuck too long in sneakers? Worn too long stockings in the oh-so-fashionable winter boots? This may be the beginning of an unwanted friendship with the little bacteria Brevibacterium epidermidis, which is responsible, if the footwear in addition to synthetic socks and softened cornea transform in a ‘cheese paradise’.

So many people agonize for years and try every expensive treatment or product after another to get rid of the foot odor. Others have accepted their sweaty feet as an irrevocable fact and just gave up.

For those prone to this disease, who tend to increased foot perspiration, along with my genial suggestion I would like to gibe four hints on the way.

  • Shoes and other footwear need at least 24 hours to completely dry out and they need a special care with the appropriate spray.
  • Avoid synthetic socks, change stockings at least daily, only cotton is properly
  • and wash your feet with COLD water only.

When ever possible - if you are not in wintertime -  walk barefoot for a few minutes every day, this is a perfect foot care.

Brazil is my adopted home now and  a country with people who look in carefully selected manner  on personal hygiene, as I haven’t met in any other country before. Here I found a therapy that is not only amazingly easy to use, but it is also extremely inexpensive and easy for anyone intelligibly understandable.

-          Grab from your favorite fruit store two - better three limes. It does not make sense to buy stock, the fruits would only turn spoiled and I assure you, we will not need much more than three.

-          Take one lime cut it in four quarter, one quarter will be used, the rest you stow in a Tupperware in the fridge.

-          Take off your shoes, take off the socks. No need to wash your feet before starting the treatment. Now rub both feet with the lime quarter thoroughly the sole, the instep, the sides and the epidermis between your toes and also thoroughly toenails, especially the nail beds because here is the favourite hiding of the Brevibacterium epidermidis .

-          Don’t you worry, the treatment does not burn at all - unless you had a fresh cut on foot or an injury near the nails, then I would wait until it is healed … otherwise clench your teeth.

So, after well rubbing your feet - the whole process takes less than five minutes - you slip either in flip-flops, or in wintertime, you simply wear clean cotton socks directly after the treatment – don’t wash the lime juice off. If you don’t mind to sleep with socks, I recommend the procedure before bedtime, otherwise do it in the morning. Who can walk around all day in flip-flops, is in advantage, but no worries, the lime juice does not cause any harm to cotton socks.

Apply this procedure for five consecutive days once per day. Then three more times but only every other day. That’s it! Our little friend Brevibacterium epidermidis has abandoned the area and will not be seen again that soon, because the now offered milieu pleases no longer. I take it with a laugh if you do not believe me at this point, I would not do either in your place, but the attempt will only cost you a few cents, and I promise you, you will be surprised how effective this simple method is to get rid of foot odor.

If I had one Euro for every person, I helped with this suggestion, I already would be a millionaire.