Doing our research in many forums and social networks of the internet, we found a great need for an exchange option about competent and friendly physicians, where to find them, how to contact them, which therapist was particularly friendly.

We also found out, that many patients were willing to pass on their suffered negative experience, but did not know where to find the opportunity to do so. Inform other patients, protect others, this is, what many patients want to do.

What ever good or bad experience we have made with a physician, we trusted, has a direct and fundamental impact on our healing process. By the was: "Healers" in the strict sense no longer can be found among today's doctors, if something really can cure you - even under the most difficult circumstances and in the most hopeless cases out of itself, that is your own body.

To the delight of many physicians they get feedback from their patients, who are using our online portal. The patients recommend and vote. These information are very important for new patients who approach the doctor considering him as trustworthy. Exists something better than a leap of confidence? I guess no!

However - anyone who has had a bad experience in overcrowded medical offices and was confronted with irritated, uncritical and “vaccination-horny” doctors, these experiences should enter here  in our data base, just to help avoid similar hassles to other patients, parents or grandparents.

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